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What in the Chatter Matters

Can Self-talk be attributed to all the difficulties or anxieties one experiences in daily life? Can a self-talk/pep talk change your life? What about real-life events that have played a part in how you view yourself and interact with others and the world around you?

Indeed, there are real-life events, traumatic experiences, and triggering recollections that play a critical part in our inner monologue. We all have a script running which is a key component of our mental operating system.

For many, these experiences have become defining moments. Simply saying, ”I'm a good person” won't suddenly make a negative story that's been running in our mind for a long time end. What others have said, how we’ve been treated, and how that defined our level of self-confidence is significant and can be negatively life-altering.  But, the good news of the day is, we can be FREE in the present!

How do we gain freedom from these past experiences?  How do we interrupt the old narrative and change the conversation in the present?

A useful strategy is adopting the skill-based practice of identifying, interrupting, and isolating the wrongful chatter; allowing healthy and affirming inner conversation to guide our experience of the past and manage our response/behavior in the present.  

Despite our past experiences, in the present moment when we feel overwhelmed, defeated, or consumed, we can regain power and strength over the situation by changing the inner conversation.

Do you remember a time in your life when despite not wanting to do anything, you pushed past the feeling and did something you were proud of?  It might have been getting out of bed despite not wanting to, going for a run... At that moment, the chatter that mattered was your positive self-talk, the belief in your capacity to change the narrative, and take action.

Identifying, Interrupting, Harnessing, and replacing negative thoughts and distortions about ourselves is a skill-based practice. What we believe and think in the present can either hold us captive or be skillfully reconstructed to set us free.

Learning to change the chatter, our inner dialogue, is a life-changing practice that redirects our emotional response to triggering events, and can effectively change the emotional, physical, spiritual, and relational quality of our life.

What are the chatter matters impacting your life today?  What positive dialogue can you share with yourself today; helping you take action to improve how you experience your life?

You have worth and are worthy!  I'm here to partner with you on your journey to freedom. Don’t hesitate to contact me today.

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